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April 9th
Brainstorming • Support • Accountability
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I want to work with driven individuals who are dedicated to becoming the best versions of themselves and living their best life. 
Negativity and jealousy are NOT allowed. 
I am cultivating a safe space for people to support each other and celebrate each others wins.
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Next Mastermind Starting: June 1st
Brainstorming • Support • Accountability
Niajae’s Mastermind made me the ROI within the first week. It’s the first time a mentor of mine allows me to have such quick results. 
~Antione Ardoli
Author and Ghostwriter; Canada
Niajae's mastermind has been invaluable- the support provided, the business tips shared and the accountability of the team. All that crowned by Niajae's kickass positive energy, enthusiastic and compassionate! Thank u!!
~Auriane Hurtes
FlavEarth Nutrition; France
“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” 
― Napoleon Hill
Weekly exercises and focuses will include, but not limited to 
-Refocusing your goals to make sure you are living to your full potential
-Branding & establishing yourself as an authority your space
-Creating a mission statement for your business
-Narrowing down your target audience
-Creating recurring and passive revenue
-Identifying blocks and limiting beliefs 
-Setting goals and creating a timeline
-Income review and goals
-Building confidence
About the facilitator
Niajae is an influencer and entrepreneur. Motivating people daily through social media, her mission is to inspire people to reach higher and take the necessary action steps to live the life they truly desire. 

Niajae ran a brick and mortar business for 5 years and sold that business to move to the beach, become fully remote and build an empire that is in alignment with the lifestyle she desires.

Now she is passionate about helping others achieve the lifestyle and business they truly desire. 

Her focus is making sure each individual has a solid strategy, confidence and is willing and ready to take action! This mastermind group will help driven individuals accelerate success.
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