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brainstorming • Support • Accountability
I am dedicated to helping driven individuals step into their power and live their purpose. 
I do that by providing strategic coaching, support and accountability.
Everyone's goals and needs are different. 4 ways to work with me: 
If you know exactly what you need you can enroll in one of my to-the-point masterclasses. These are self-study and you go at your own pace.
1:1 Session
If you are not sure what you need or the direction you want to go schedule a 1:1 session so we can mind map and reverse engineer your goals to help you find your purpose and figure out the next few steps you should take.
12 Week Intensive
If you need to brand yourself online, grow your email list, launch an online program or podcast the 12 week intensive is perfect for you. We will set goals for the 12 weeks and I will hold you accountable to make sure you are implementing the strategy and taking massive action. 
If you love working in a group, networking and feeling collective energy then the 90 Day Mastermind is for you. The 90 Day Mastermind consist of powerful brainstorming, goal settings, support and accountability as a group.
Next Mastermind Starting: June 1st
Brainstorming • Support • Accountability
Niajae’s Mastermind made me the ROI within the first week. It’s the first time a mentor of mine allows me to have such quick results. 
~Antione Ardoli
Author and Ghostwriter; Canada
Niajae's mastermind has been invaluable- the support provided, the business tips shared and the accountability of the team. All that crowned by Niajae's kickass positive energy, enthusiastic and compassionate! Thank u!!
~Auriane Hurtes
FlavEarth Nutrition; France
“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” 
― Napoleon Hill
Frameworks and focuses include
-Refocusing your goals to make sure you are living to your full potential
-Branding & establishing yourself as an authority your space
-Creating a mission statement for your business
-Building a sales funnel and growing email list
-Narrowing down your target audience
-Identifying blocks and limiting beliefs 
-Setting goals and creating a timeline
-Launching a podcast
-Building confidence
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