Step into your power through brainstorming, support and accountability!
BONUS: Custom affirmation recording.
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What to expect from 
Level Up Mastermind:
  •  Powerful Brainstorming
  •  Weekly Hot Seats
  • Evaluation of 2018
  • Solid Strategy for 2019
  •  Individual Accountability Reporting
  •  Connections and support
  •  12 Week intensive
“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” 
― Napoleon Hill
Weekly exercises and focuses will include, but not limited to 
- Creating a personal mission statement 
-Self-worth exercise
-Setting goals and creating a timeline
-Identifying blocks and limiting beliefs 
-Branding & establishing yourself as an authority in the space
-Income review and goals
-Sharing resources and wants and needs
About the facilitator
Niajae is an influencer and entrepreneur. Motivating people daily through social media, her mission is to inspire people to reach higher and take the necessary action steps to live the life they truly desire. 

Being raised by a single mom that worked multiple jobs to make ends meet she never really had support for her goals and dreams. She knows first hand how it feels to try to attain success on your own.

Family and spouses don't always support your goals and dreams. That is why she is passionate about creating a supportive mastermind group to help driven individuals accelerate success.
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